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This Hydromoisture Madness™ set is the ultimate moisture control for your hair. This trio will leave your hair the softest, shiniest, and most hydrated it's ever been. Your hands won't be able to resist and your eyes won't believe how much this trio will leave your hair pillow soft, shiny, hydrated, and full of body. This trio is a punch in the right direction for your hair. Experience the Hydromoisture Madness™!

Hydromoisture Madness™

PriceFrom $28.99
  • Directions: Lightly mist hair with the Herbal Hair Mist™. Apply a small amount of the Hydrolicious Moisturizer™ and work into hair. Detangle if desired and apply a very small amount of Butter Bliss™ working into the hair. Style as desired.

    To refresh an old style, lightly mist hair with Herbal Aloe Hair Mist™ and apply a very small amount of Buttery Bliss™.

    Recommended use on damp or dry hair.


    *Scented/Fragrant-- Black raspberries, dark plum and warm vanilla. This fragrance is "Berry Delicious" 

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