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About  the Owner

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 Hi there! That is me in the picture to your left.  My name is Veronica and I am the Founder/Owner of Naturally Born Hair and Skin Care.  


Naturally Born was initially created out of many failed attempts trying to find the perfect product to keep my hair moisturized and breakage free. I ended up spending so much money on products claiming to do "this" and "that" until I eventually got fed up with not only disappointment after disappointment; but also with hurting my pocket book, over crowded cabinets filled with products my hair hates, and the same pestering problem of extremely dry and breaking hair.  And not to mention that I was also transitioning to natural so my hair was in desperate need of help. Not only was my hair in bad shape but my skin was suffering as well.  



My Breaking Point 

All my life I suffered with bad acne and on top of that I had (and still have) very sensitive skin.  My acne was so bad that I felt really ugly and so un-pretty that I hated for people to look at me and take pictures. I also spent tons of money on skin creams, acne meds, gels and lotions trying to achieve healthy, beautiful and acne free skin that was so promised by all these big companies.  After years of going through every company and every product out there, I then came to the realization that those product promises were unreachable and in vain.  That's when I reached my breaking point and decided that if I was going to suffer from damaged hair and horrible skin using product after product, then I might as well put on my chemist hat and pray I don't damage it myself! That's when I also realized that almost every product on the shelf was filled with chemical after chemical. There were so many things that not only did I even know what they were, but that I could not even pronounce! Methylchloroisthiazolinone? PEG 150 Disterate? DMDM Hydantoin? Like really???  No one knows what those are!  I know I sure didn't!  And this is just one example and just a few ingredients taken from a popular hair conditioner I use to use. These ingredients can also be found on almost every product on the shelf today.  Some companies even labeled them as natural! I know this one sure did!  Don't even get me started on the skin care creams lol.  Now why would I want ANY product like that on my hair and skin again? Not only were those products terrible for me, but those harmful and toxic chemicals were a no go.  I'm trying to have healthy skin and hair; not the total opposite.    




Naturally  Born™

After many years of research, lots of time, effort, many sleepless nights and tons of failures I finally created products that actually penetrates the skin and hair shaft, moisturizes deep within the hair strand, rejuvenates the skin,  promote healthy hair growth and so much more. I have been using my products since 2009 as my own secret miracle. After many compliments on my hair and skin and people asking  what was I using I started  making products to share with family and friends. That eventually grew into people wanting to buy products from me and that is how Naturally Born™ was born! My products are truly 100 percent natural. Your hair and skin will thank you for it!


Featured in the Voyage Magazine Shoutout Arizona. Read my full interview here: continue to Voyage

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