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Hydrates. Softens. Nourishing. Healing.
Everything you need for the health of your skin. This skin butter is richly packed with many skin loving nutrients such as phytosterols, pro-vitamin A, vitamins C,D and E, allantion, thiamin, niacin and many other minerals and antioxidants. These nutrients prevents free radicals from damaging your skin and help assist in the maintenance of smooth, soft skin.

This Body Buttercream will leave your skin silky smooth, soft and well hydrated.

Body Buttercream--unscented

  • This Body Buttercream is unscented and 100 percent natural. 

    Directions: Apply to your skin after bathing, washing hands, or anytime your skin needs hydrated. Works wonders when applied before bed for deeper nourishment and softening of the skin.

    --Reduces wrinkles/scars --Heals minor cuts/burns
    --Antioxidant --Heals achy muscles
    --Anti-inflammatory --Fights psoriasis
    --Deeply moisturizing --Skin cell maturation
    --Skin protectant --Improves skin appearance
    --Skin regeneration --Soothes skin problems
    --Collagen production

    Key Ingredients:
    Raw unrefined shea butter, glycerin, herbal water, arrowroot, aloe vera, raw honey

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