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This natural and organic oil combination was specially made to promote and maintain healthy hair. This 100 percent raw and organic oil works by increasing blood circulation to the scalp which in turns stimulates the hair follicles. This stimulation opens up the pores of your scalp to better absorb every essential ingredient in our growth oil which then encourages hair growth. This combination of stimulating and penetrating oils works together to treat and prevent dandruff and other fungal conditions of the scalp, while absorbing into the hair strand to add strength and luster to the hair. Maintain healthy hair while giving your growth rate a boost!

Stimulating Growth & Health Oil™

  • Helps to treat and prevent fungal conditions of the scalp, promotes hair growth, adds strength and softness, prevents breakage and helps to retain length. This oil also adds shine and helps to promote and maintain healthy hair.

    *Due to the primary paramount of this oil, we opted not to use scent options as this oil was made to open the pores of the scalp to absorb every ingredient. We highly prefer not to have fragrances absorb into the scalp as fragrances are NOT natural.

    Directions: Shake well before each use as natural ingredients tends to settle. Apply to the scalp and gently massage well using the pads of your fingers. Do not wash out. This oil was made to be left onto the scalp. Do not re-apply to the scalp more than three times a week.

    Key Ingredients: **Castor oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, tea tree, peppermint leaves,  eucalyptus, rosemary, organic ginger, raw botanical and herbal blends, essential oils blend

    **cold pressed

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