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This Herbal and Botanical Blend of more than 20 natural and organic ingredients was made to soften, hydrate, and revive dry and damaged hair. Each ingredient deeply penetrates the hair strand and follicle to help prevent breakage and split ends while nourishing your hair with the minerals it needs for healthy hair growth. This botanical blend will leave your hair soft, shiny and hydrated. Recommended use on damp or dry hair after applying Herbal Hair Mist.

Hydrolicious Moisturizer™

  • Directions: After applying Herbal Hair Mist, apply a small amount to hair in sections and gently work into hair in a smoothing motion. Detangle if desired. Follow up with "Buttery Bliss™" and style as desired.

    *Scented/Fragrant-- Black raspberries, dark plum and warm vanilla. This fragrance is "Berry Delicious"

    Key Ingredients: Infused water (Chamomile flowers), natural emulsifier, organic grapeseed oil, vitamin E, glycerin, olive oil, safflower oil, lavender, tea tree, essential oil blend

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