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This Hair Mist is a combination of 23 herbs and botanicals that works together to soften and nourish extra dry hair. These pH balanced ingredients are known to help treat dandruff and other scalp conditions. This mist works to soothe dry irritated scalp, helps promote hair growth, helps to strengthen weak strands, and helps promote thicker hair. Also adds sheen and luster. Recommended use on damp or dry hair before applying Hydrolicious Moisturizer™.  


*Can also be used as a daily hair refresher  and a daily scalp soother. Just mist on hair/scalp. 

Herbal Hair Mist™

  • Directions: While working in sections, lightly mist over hair and gently work product into hair. Detangle if desired and follow up with Hydrolicious Moisturizer™. Can also be used as a daily hair/scalp mist.


    *Scented/Fragrant-- Black raspberries, dark plum and warm vanilla. This fragrance is "Berry Delicious"


    Key Ingredients: Organic aloe vera, Infused botanical water (chamomile flowers), grapeseed oil, vitamin E, rosehip, essential oils

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